hellmüller trio

franz hellmüller guitar - patrick sommer double bass - martin perret drums

«One should always be careful when throwing around the term “magic”,

but in this case it is justified – or even more than that,

because “magic” is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the astonishing music of this guitar, bass and drum trio.”

Ulrich Steinmetzger

"The brillant interplay, inexhaustibly grabing for notes from the depth of the Space, form the music. It is a exhilarating experience to listen to these three artists and the goose flesh emerging by listening, stays for longer time."

− Franz X. A. Zipperer






"When three musicians sound as one, the trio becomes a band. Indeed, Franz Hellmüller, Marco Zanoli and Stefano Risso actually sound even like a small orchestra."

− Wolf Kampmann

"In a fascinating way, it is coherent, quite experimental for chamber jazz without being ostentatious. It is carried by a unity of divergent and highly original characters, which is only possible in music when joint creative power is placed before vanities. You need to find a „inner calm“ state of mind in order to reach under the surface and discover these energies. You‘ll find that happiness awaits those who do."

− Ralf Dombrowski

"HRP wie sie sich kürzeln, sind drei Musketiere, ein Triumvirat, eine, scheint‘s symbiotische Vereinigung. So viel Trio gab‘s zu dritt wohl noch nie; hier agieren drei Solisten in Neben- und Voll beschäftigung im Doppel-CD-Pack mit je zehn Stücken, geschrieben von H., von R. und von HRP. (...) Jahreszeiten, Begegnungen, Erinnerungen: zu dritt gemeinsam erlebt, auf dem schmalen, erfolgreich eroberten Grat aufgelöster harmonischer Bindungen und erlesener Improvisationskunst."

− Alexander Schmitz



"One has to imagine the listener of Hellmüller-Risso-Zanoli as a happy person... Join this fascinating band on a journey into the great wide open. No instrumentalist tries to overwhelm the others with his technical prowess, and it is exactly because of this that their talent is even more apparent; soft impulses draw their force from an only seeming calmness. Should one already go so far as to call “9volte9” a reference piece for the guitar/bass/drums-format or should one rather celebrate the entire organism in whose centre it is hidden like a kernel? The journey to “Norsten” is a grand giving and taking, a stimulating trip through the wonderland between forcing the tempo and holding back: Exhilarating, unpredictable and up-to-date."

− Ulrich Steinmetzger

new cd „magnolia“ out now!